Services & Etiquette

Ferry Ticketing
We assist our guests in purchasing the ferry tickets at a discount from the published price. We will inform our guests by email what information we require (all held in strictest confidence), the ferry schedule, and confirm the departure return trip to complete this seamless service for every guest. 

Therapy Choice
Our guests are recommended to confirm - by email - the therapy required at least 24 hours before their travel. Some therapies require extra attention to detail in the preparation of ingredients (just before guests arrive), including the purchase of fresh flowers. This also helps us to apportion sufficient time depending on the length of the therapy including land travel and arrival at the ferry terminal – ample time for guests to comfortably check-in the return trip.

Terminal Arrival
A member of our WellAsih team will meet and greet our guests at the exit after customs examination. Please look out for the WellAsih signboard and our team member in traditional batik attire.

We will register guests at our reception desk and reconfirm the therapy selected. Guests are welcome to select additional therapies and will be advised of the need to confirm an alternative ferry departure time. Guests are strongly recommended to inform us of medical or physical anomalies and/or conditions. This provides us a comprehensive understanding before we proceed with the therapy. Guests may also send us an email prior to arrival. The information shared by every guest is held in strictest privacy and confidence.

Guests are welcome to seek a free consultation from Asih, our Spa Director & Consultant. Please inform a member of our team if privacy is required for the discussion and a private area will be made available for the discussion. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy
Guests are recommended to provide notice* of 12 hours of change or cancellation of scheduled therapy. Notice* provided less than 12 hours will incur a 50% fee of the price of the therapy. Where there is a “no-show” or no notice* of cancellation, a full fee will be incurred.

** Notice constitutes two-way mainstream communication by email, mobile text message, telephone, facsimile, and/or showing up in person. If there is no reply (email, mobile text message, facsimile) from a member of our team, guests are recommended to provide a follow-up notice as transmission of the message may have failed.

All packages, ala carte therapies, vouchers, gifts, products, memberships including other purchases may not be exchanged and is not refundable for cash.

Payment & Currency
We accept cash and all major credit cards. Cash payment in foreign currency is aligned at the prevailing bank exchange rates. All services are net pricing and may be subject to change without prior notice.

Guests are welcome to offer a tip in appreciation of the professional and quality therapies and services received. The benchmark for a spa of our type is 10% of the professional services rendered.

Each therapy room has a locker. Guests are recommended to leave their personal belongings and valuables (wallet, handbag, watch, jewellery, passport, etc) in the locker and retain the key during the therapy. Please return the key to your assigned Therapist in attendance after therapy.

Wifi & Devices
WellAsih provides free wifi for its guests across the spa floors. Our objective is to provide guests with a relaxing and comfortable experience. To help us achieve that for all guests in our premises, we request that guests speak softly when taking calls and switch all devices to vibrate mode.

Parking & Taxis
There is ample parking in front of the building. For guests that require a taxi, please ask a member of our team for assistance. If guests require a taxi directly to the ferry terminal, for a nominal fee we take a guest to the destination.

Health & Safety
WellAsih has provided the safety measures for guests to enjoy a safe and comfortable visit. A member of our team is an accredited First Aider, and we have a First Aid box at our reception. We advise guests to inform a member of our team if there is a difficulty experienced during the visit.

All tools and equipment in our premises are cleaned and disinfected between each guest. Single use tools are immediately disposed of after use. Staff wash their hands before and after interacting with each guest.

Guests will find in our Health & Safety Aid card the addresses and map location of the nearest hospital and clinics.

Fire & Emergency
In the event of a fire, guests will be directed by our team member to vacate the premises in a calm and orderly manner. Guests are advised to leave their valuables and proceed to the nearest exit (KELUAR) sign. Each therapy room has a Fire & Emergency Aid card, and all floors are equipped with a mandatory fire extinguisher.

Our purpose is to ensure that guests thoroughly enjoy the visits and experiences at WellAsih Spa. Please ask a WellAsih team member for assistance if required.