Who We Are

WellAsih is a spa that provides its guests with needs of relaxation, enjoyment, and the joys of being invigorated, and pampered. Our skilled Therapists have received top, quality training to provide our guests massage services that compete at a global level.

Company Overview

WellAsih is a recognised spa that provides quality services of varying massage types, body masks and scrubs, feet reflexologies, baths, facials, loving therapies for women, including manicure and pedicure care.

There are customised massage therapies and solutions for women undergoing the joys of pregnancy to post birth. Our Spa Director & Consultant will provide our female guests free professional consultation after understanding specific needs and concerns.

Our purpose is to understand the needs of each guest and to provide solutions of our therapies and care that are effective, loving and comforting. We will achieve our purpose through partnership with our guestss and have them returning for our quality, relaxing and loving spa services.

Our Brand Name

WellAsih describes the holistic well-being of a person and how the body is well cared for to obtain maximum inner balance and beauty.

Our Flower

Kumis Kucing

The Kucing Kumis (pronounced as koo-ching koo-mis) or Orthosiphon is a genus of plants found more commonly in Southeast Asia and some parts of Australia. It is a popular garden plant due to its exquisite flower of white and bluis with filaments resembling a cat’s whiskers.

The tree grows to a height of 1.5 metres and is adaptable in dry or wet conditions at an altitude of 500 - 900 metres above sea level. The plant has leaf coarsely toothed edges and egg-shaped spurs.

The Kucing Kumis herb has a string of medical properties to treat and cure various kinds of diseases of acute and chronic kidney infections, arthiritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections (Cystitis). The leaves contain potassium (boorsma), and glycosides that dissolves uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. It may also be consumed as a tea beverage.

The Kucing Kumis flower was chosen to represent WellAsih due to the parallels both flower and the brand name bring. The foundation of the parallels is in the holistic therapeutic, widespread benefits and healing the body receives.

Our Vision

WellAsih will strive and lead in advanced quality therapies and ingredients, and educate our guests in the latest, safe, and effective applications. We will be a leading academy and facilitator in executing learning and training for new and professional Therapists and business owners of spas, and a provider of technical expertise for the international spa and wellness community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our guests and provide effective solutions and services through our range of spa services. We offer a quality and seamless service that will enable our guests to enjoy lasting experiences in a quality spa partner.

Our Values

We are committed to providing our guests a trustworthy service and product that is competitive and of excellent quality. In meeting this commitment, we will continually review our deliverables and hear and act on every service feedback. We will source for quality ingredients and partner respected suppliers that ensure our products are excellent value.

Our purpose is to provide our guests with delight and moments of truth. We endeavour in executing a service that is reputable, personal and friendly. Our guests will be treated with utmost respect every time, and with privacy when our guests request for it. We will serve as a benchmark in the delivery of service and be uncompromising in the execution of every service opportunity. It is our objective for our guests to serve as advocates of what we deliver in products and services.

We forge and value partnerships with our guests, stakeholders and our team members. Our success is dependent on, and tied to our partnerships in how we treat our guests, stakeholders, and team members of WellAsih, and more encompassing, how we make them feel.

Quality Policy
WellAsih understands that our guests primarily seek effective and quality spa services. In unison, WellAsih ensures that our ingredients are of excellent grade and quality sourced by our highly experienced Spa Director & Consultant from consistently reliable suppliers. Our Therapists are professionally skilled to provide effective therapies for every guest.

Leadership Team

Mintarsih Supadi 
Spa Director & Consultant

Asih, as she is more fondly and commonly known by, is the Spa Director & Consultant. She is the brains behind the excellent therapies and services on offer at WellAsih. She has more than 14 years expertise and extensive overseas experiences gained in Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, and Indonesia in establishing, managing and operating of spas including training Therapists from an international community.

A very experienced Therapist in her own right, Asih held key leadership positions as head of Spa Montigo Resort (Indonesia), Chen Sea Resort Spa (Vietnam), Swiss Belhotel Golden Sand Resort (Vietnam), and Bintan Angsana Resort Spa (Maldives and Indonesia). Asih was also the Training Manager of the highly recognised Banyan Tree Spa Academy (Indonesia) where more importantly, she was instrumental in nurturing and raising the technical abilities of hundreds of Therapists that benefitted from her knowledge and expertise.

Asih is responsible for the design of therapies and selection of quality ingredients that creates the efficacy of the therapies. She identifies, selects and trains all Therapists, and ensures spa therapy and service standards are top notch. Asih also provides personal and private consultation for guests with specific concerns and needs.

She is well-known in the international spa community, and due to her leadership abilities, and technical expertise, she remains in high demand from international spa resorts. She speaks fluent English and Bahasa Indonesia, and a smattering of Vietnamese.


Joko Triotrans
Business Development & Services Director

Joko whose second name is a most interesting conversation piece, is the Business Development & Service Director. He leads the development of income-generation opportunities for WellAsih. He has more than 13 years international experiences gained in Vietnam, Seychelles, and Indonesia in establishing, managing and operating of leisure, recreation and sport initiatives and activities.

He served at international resort establishments across Asia and Africa at Flamingo Dai-Lai (Vietnam), Chen Sea Resort (Vietnam), Swiss Belhotel Resort (Vietnam), Turi Beach (Indonesia), Batam View Resort (Indonesia), Bintan Angsana Resort (Indonesia), Banyan Tree Resort (Seychelles), Bintan Angsana Resort (Indonesia).

Joko is responsible for developing the business and sales opportunities of WellAsih. Due to his extensive experience in hospitality, he also directs the services initiatives, processes, and activities for all guestss and stakeholders of WellAsih.

A PADI certified diver in open waters, and also certified in CPR, please take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Joko to find out more about his second name.


Gregory Phua
Marketing & HR Director

Greg serves as the Marketing & HR Director for WellAsih. He has more than 22 years in people and organisation development consulting, including consumer and retail marketing and sales. His consulting and past regional leadership positions as Principal Consultant, Consulting Director, Head of HR Strategy, Learning & Development, and Resourcing will be an invaluable resource for WellAsih. Greg has also worked with senior leaders in China, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and the UK. 

In previous roles, he has helped senior leaders and their workforce improve behaviours and processes that led to stronger work relationships and practices. Gregory’s experience extensively covers Employee Climate Surveys where he was the Asia Regional Director leading the comprehensive understanding and change of culture and practices of 18,000 employees across 12 countries. In consulting, he has worked with international clients in pharmaceutical, banking and investment, logistics, high technology manufacturing, shipping, airline, food and beverage industries. 

Greg takes the lead role for WellAsih in key decision making in strong partnership with Asih and Joko. He will also be strengthening the marketing and brand promise, business processes, and human practices that will deliver a progressive, seamless and superior service for guests of WellAsih.

Greg is still active in people resourcing, and human and organisation development initiatives. He speaks fluent English and is continually improving his Bahasa Indonesia. Incidentally, Greg is trained in skin analysis and facial care and has performed facials for many clients and friends.

Our Therapist

Our team of professional therapists undergo an intensive 2 month skills and assessment programme. Therapists are required to competently perform the full suite of technical competencies in therapies offered, and specific behavioural competencies in customer orientation and service, handling difficult situations and feedback, and work organisation. Continuous assessments are performed to ensure our professional therapists are performing at an excellent level.

Our Story

The story goes back as far as 2005 at a café at Changi International Airport in Singapore. Joko was in transit from Indonesia to the Seychelles Islands. It was a planned social meet between Greg and Joko to hear of each other’s lives, and how Joko’s wife, Asih had been. The conversation, of course quickly moved to spas and hospitality. They also shared how it will be ideal to break away from the continuity of being an employee, and to move into an entrepreneurial approach. Then, Asih, Greg and Joko were all employees.

Joko shared the dreams that Asih and he had of in becoming owners of their own spa and how it will meet a long held belief that there is great potential in the spa industry. Greg shared his dreams of becoming self-employed and of his interest in the wellness industry as the global population gradually braces itself for the next few decades for the ‘silver consumer’. After all, it was John Naisbitt that articulately predicted “Trends, like horses are easier to ride in the direction they are already going.”

We shared the same belief that the opportunity was far ranging given the massive demographic and psychographic changes occurring at local, national, sub-regional, regional and global levels. There was to be widespread changes and opportunities for the many decades to come.

Joko and Greg spend the next few hours, before his connecting flight to Seychelles, deep in discussion and with a draft plan to start a business in spa services. We agreed to continue further dialogue and to improve on our initial initiative. And that was how it really ended!

Joko, Asih and I continually maintained contact with each other yet we did not make advancements from the initial discussion. But a major turnaround occurred in April 2013 when Greg tripped over to Batam to meet Joko and Asih to rekindle the idea of a spa. They discussed at length and decided that Batam will be an excellent choice since Joko and Asih were more permanently based on the island instead of their original home in Bintan. This discussion led to regular meetings and months of preparation and planning that presently forms the birth of WellAsih today.

So why did it take that long since 2005 to start their own spa? Oddly enough, Asih, Greg and Joko never did question why it did. Although friends have remarked there were years of possible missed opportunities. Yet those years of missed opportunities were years of opportunity that they gained more experiences in their respective professions. And of paramount importance, it provided them the years of opportunities to forge and build a solid foundation of trust, and their long held beliefs that the wellness industry is fast progressing and an essential form of people being centred physically, emotionally and mentally.